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sjs ice team


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An application to consolidate google forms, excel, and manual user-generated monthly PDFs into a single, unified, semi-automated month-to-month scheduling service for 25+ members of the San Jose Sharks Ice Team.

The application is separated into 4 services: front-facing application , an automated microservice , an image microservice , and a database optimization microservice.

The main application utilizes NextJS for SEO, while the microservices utilize NodeJS with ExpressJS. All services utilize Github Actions for pre-flight unit and e2e tests; as well as, continuous integrations with a remote Linux server running PM2 processes.

The application is designed for and supports: Chrome, Firefox, IE11, and Safari (for mobile, pad, and desktop screens).

Tech Specs:

  • Projects Planet github actions
  • Projects Planet mongodb
  • Projects Planet typescript
  • Projects Planet reactjs
  • Projects Planet reduxjs
  • Projects Planet nextjs
  • Projects Planet expressjs
  • Projects Planet nodejs
  • Projects Planet nginx
  • Projects Planet pm2