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Heavily inspired by dotenv and dotenv-expand , @noshot/env is a simple to use zero-dependency package module that automatically loads environment variables from a predefined Env variable.

When it comes to .env file naming, @noshot/env is unopinionated, so you can name them anything you'd like or you can follow the twelve-factor app methodology.

The package is completely written in typescript, backed by 100% test coverage and is compiled in ES5 CommonJS and ES6 ES Modules. The main advantages of this package is that it extends and/or dynamically loads env files as quickly as possible from a configuration file. As a result, .env file loading is between 40-70% faster than dotenv and dotenv-expand and up to 80%-90% faster than NextJS' current implementation: env metrics .

Tech Specs:

  • Projects Planet enzyme
  • Projects Planet github actions
  • Projects Planet jest
  • Projects Planet npm
  • Projects Planet typescript