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Projects Planet projects

A collection of works that vary from fullstack web applications, to custom NPM packages, to standalone Mac OS and Linux applications.


A web application to create, manage, and send personalized updates to a list of subscribers.

composable components

A lightweight composable solution for styled-components.

react smde

A lightweight, simple, markdown editor for React.

git terminal script

A bash shell script to display the git status of a git tracked folder.

alias dirs

A utility function that automatically creates aliased import directories for babel.

fullstack mern kit

A fully-loaded custom boilerplate using MongoDB, Express, React/Redux and Node for client-side solutions.

yelp camp

An experimental website for creating, editing, and reviewing campground sites from all over California

autorun gcn driver

A program that automatically runs the GCN USB Adapter and searches through the vJoy devices to find which vJoy device is active.

nvfc app

A Linux application that creates a modifiable 2D curve of fan speed percentage points that automatically controls a Nvidia GPU's fan based its temperature.