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Projects Planet projects

A collection of works that vary from fullstack web applications, to custom NPM packages, to standalone Mac OS and Linux applications.


A port of my entire portfolio over to Astro - a framework that extracts UI elements into smaller, isolated components and converts them into lightweight HTML.


A port of my entire web portfolio over to QwikJS - a no hydration, auto lazy-loading, resumable, edge-optimized framework.

trpc nextjs

An example of integrating tRPC with NextJS using React Query.

rusty bucket

A custom built Rust API server to dynamically resize images based upon a URL query.

sjs ice team

An application to manage the San Jose Sharks Ice Team scheduling.

gamersnexus mock up

A mock up created in 3 days as a redesign proposal for


An NPM package that automatically loads environment variables from a predefined Env variable.

react hooks guide

An educational website to help up-and-coming developers understand React’s newly introduced hooks.

nextjs ssr kit

A fully-loaded custom NextJS boilerplate for server-side solutions.